Kids Ministry

Children hold a very special place in God's kingdom. We believe the most essential aspect of a child's life is a relationship with Jesus. And we believe that families are the core of spiritual development. It is our job to come alongside parents and provide tools, tips, and opportunities to encourage spiritual development at home.

It is our hope that children will begin a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ.

We Strive to Be Relational and Family Focused

We seek to discover, train, and encourage volunteers to be Christian role models and exercise their spiritual gifts in fruitful service to children and families. We strive to serve children in the context of family relationships. We believe to minister most effectively to children, it requires a broader ministry in partnership with their family.

We Seek to be Child-Centered

All programs, instruction, and activities are developed to meet the spiritual needs of children. Character, integrity, and grace are primary in our relationships with staff, volunteers and families.

We Stress Safety and Accountability

Procedures to guard the health, welfare, and spiritual development of each child take precedence over all other considerations or conveniences. Accountability to God and our mission is expected of all personnel and programs.

Sunday Morning Programs (Due to Covid, our Sunday morning programs are temporarily suspended)

Preschool: The nursery is open for infants to 4 year olds.

Elementary: Classes for kindergarteners through fifth-graders are available during the teaching time in our service. Elementary kids will stay in the sanctuary for worship and then be dismissed to class.

Pioneer Club (Due to Covid, our Pioneer Club program is temporarily suspended)

Pioneer Club at Hillcrest is a fun and meaningful way for kids and parents to grow in their love and knowledge of God.

Pioneer Club centers around a Wednesday evening (6:30-7:30 pm) club night where kids play games, memorize Scripture, and are discipled by a trained, caring team of staff and volunteers. 

Hillcrest leads a very active Pioneer Club on Wednesday nights throughout the school year where many kids connect with a great team of volunteer leaders and teachers. Also, the club engages in many extra activities such as walk-a-thons, mission activities, pinewood derby and recreational activities.

Child Dedication

A child is a God-given trust (Psalm 127:3); and Child Dedication is a ceremony that signifies your commitment to uphold that trust. It is an event that symbolizes your pledge to raise your child in a Christian home and church where he or she can come to know, love, and serve Jesus. It also signifies a commitment by the people of Hillcrest to provide a loving, biblical community that supports and prays for your family.

Child dedication at Hillcrest is not the same as infant baptism. We believe that baptism is a public statement of faith that can be made only by someone who has personally believed in Christ. Infants cannot make a personal decision to believe in Jesus. Older children, however, can make that personal decision, and we offer baptism for those children. 

If you have trusted in Christ as your Savior, you are invited to present your child in Christian dedication to the Lord. While parents often dedicate their children while they are young, you may dedicate your child at any age.