First Time at Hillcrest?

Real Life Fear for a First Timer

It’s not easy visiting a new church for the first time. Sometimes you wonder: Do I belong here? Am I really welcome? Will the people be unfriendly, or too friendly? Will I be conspicuous? Will they ask me for money? Will my kids enjoy it? How should I dress? Am I welcome if I don’t believe?

As a pastor at Hillcrest, I want to make your visit an engaging and enjoyable experience. If I were visiting a new church for the first time, I’d like to know what to expect, so here’s a brief overview.

When you Arrive

When you arrive at Hillcrest (2480 West Broad Street) for our 10:00 a.m. service, you may park in one of two west parking lots but we encourage you to park in our guest parking nearest our main building.

Greeters at our Entry Points

Once in the parking lot you will discover a parking team that will assist you into our building. At the door there should be some friendly people (we call them "greeters") to say hello, answer any questions you have, and direct you to the sanctuary or one of our nursery spaces. 

Kid/Student Friendly Opportunities

We’ve developed a good security system so you’ll know your kids are safe and well cared for. If your kids are shy, they’re welcome to attend the adult service with you, but most kids enjoy our nurseries. During our service we invite children (k - 6th grade) to go to a more kid-friendly teaching time. K - 4th grade will meet in our fellowship hall while we invite our 5th and 6th grade students to meet at The Warehouse (Student Building). Students will find a great team of volunteers that gear a lesson appropriate for them.

What to Wear

While some people chose to wear their "Sunday best" you’ll also notice that many are dressed comfortably, in anything from "office casual" to jeans and sneakers. 

Welcome Center

If you arrive early, you’re welcome to pick up information or ask questions at the Welcome Center in the lobby. There you will find helpful faces and information.

Worship Service

When you come into the sanctuary, you’ll be given a bulletin that contains our worship order. You’ll notice a communication card on the back of the chairs which is an easy way for us to get better acquainted; you can ask for any kind of information or assistance using the communication card. Also, you will find a bible and you may take that with you as a gift from us to you. As a guest of ours when you return your communication card we will give a donation in your honor to a local homeless/family care center. When you exit the sanctuary, ushers will hand you an announcement sheet (“The Weekly”) with valuable information about our ministry activities. You may drop off your communication card in the offering plate or at the Welcome Center.

What kind of Worship

Our worship service usually begins with some music, followed by a welcome and announcements. Our music is more contemporary but we also appreciate the traditional music as well. We usually end our service with more music. We pass a plate for offering, but ask that only those who consider Hillcrest their church home to participate. We want you to feel welcome as our guest, with no pressure to give. Even though we hope you’ll simply be our guest on your first visit, we do hope you’ll drop in your communication card when the offering plate comes by, so we can send you church information.


We celebrate communion each month. Communion (also known as the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper) is a Christian celebration of the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, you’re welcome to share in communion with us, and if not, you can just sit back and reflect on the message of the cross.

How Long is our Worship and What kind of Sermons

Our worship service usually last for 90 minutes and I usually speak for about 30 minutes. I do my best to make the messages interesting and relevant to daily life. If I do my job right, you’ll hear solid Christian theology with real life application. And as one who loves to laugh, I also hope you’ll smile and laugh at times and maybe feel a tug at your heart too.

After Worship

After the service, you’ll pick up your kids from their classrooms, and then we hope you’ll stay around and meet some people. Church is about God and worship, but it’s also about community and friendship, so we hope that everyone from the curious to the committed really experience warmth and friendliness at Hillcrest.

God Bless,

Pastor Tim